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Cub’s Bullpen continues to ROCK!

Happy Late Memorial Day!!  Hope everyone’s was good.  The weekend would have been a little better if the Cubs were better than the Bad News Bears.

This weekend has brought up one irrefutable fact for the ’07 Cubs – YOU WILL NOT WIN WITH A PIECE OF CRAP BULLPEN.  Why does the Cubs management never seem to get this little gap corrected? 

Let’s see, the last time the Cubs had a solid bullpen was…. oh yeah….2003….when they were one out from the World Series.  Might I add, that our closer from that season, Joe Borowski is second in the majors in saves in 2007. 

In order to not give myself a coronary, I’m only going to focus on one game, Tuesday May 29, 2007. 

In a quick recap, the Cub’s managed to rally on Theriot’s (PH Homer) 2 run HR in the bottom of the seventh.  However, a DETERMINED Cubs bullpen made sure the Cub’s rally would be short lived.  Tonight’s helper was Wuertz.  To be fair to Wuertz, he’s been the best Cub’s reliever so far this year.  Tonight, he allowed 4 runs on 3 hits, and walked 2.   He was credited with one whole inning worked.  Slap Hands!  His ERA shot up to 3.13.

Here’s an awesome Cubs Bullpen stat, W-L Record: 4-14!  Maybe Wade Miller can chime in with his 10.54 ERA?

 I can’t type anymore about this bullpen.  This team is scoring runs, but ALLOWING too many.


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Cubs Puke and Rally, then Puke again….

Welcome to the scariest ride in Baseball – the Chicago Cubs Coaster!   Weee…..  Up, then down, now all around….

 Wow.  If you stayed up for last night late game, it was exactly like a roller coaster.  First, the Cubbies were down 5-0 to the Dodgers after 5.  The Cubs then picked up 1 in the 6th, and likely a season high 7 in the 7th.  AWESOME INNING!

However, as I’ve posted here previously, our worst bullpen in baseball was able to snag defeat from the clutches of victory.  The Cubs won’t be a playoff contender until the take care of the bullpen, which is a disaster this season.  Note: Wade Miller has REDUCED his ERA to an svelte 10.54.  Way to go Wade!

If this doesn’t tell a sad tale – nothing does.  Bob Howry started things off in his normal fashion by allowing 3 runs and getting no one out.  Bad Bob.  The Will ‘Always a Thrill’ Ohman and Guzman combined for a one-two punch.  It was a mess, but, in the end, Ohman was charged for a LOSS, and Guzman was charged for a BLOWN SAVE.

Well, the GOOD news is that the Cubs offense was able to rally to take the lead, just too bad the bullpen couldn’t hold them.



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Josh Hancock’s father sues… everyone?

In shocking news, Josh Hancock’s father (Dean Hancock) is suing three defendant’s for his son’s untimely death.  His son, Cardinal pitcher Josh Hancock, died when he crashed his rented Ford Explorer into the back of a tow truck that was assisting another motorist, Justin Tolar.

As of now, the three defendants in Hancock’s lawsuit are Mike Shannon’s restaurant, the tow truck driver (Eddie’s Towing) , AND the guy who’s car broke down, Justin Tolar.    How do you sue a guy for his car breaking down?  Answer – Dean Hancock and his lawyer,  are  saying Tolat was negligent for allowing his car to break down.  Mike Shannon should be sued for being Mike Shannon, but, not over-serving!  So everyone EXCEPT Hancock were negligent?   How about suing the highway department for not making the road wider? 

His father should remember that the reason Josh Hancock was driving a rental Explorer, was because he totaled his own car two days before.  Hancock’s first wreck that week was in the wee hours in the morning, but no charges were filed against Hancock in that wreck. 

wreck.jpgHancock’s Explorer

I had no idea, you could get drunk, get in your truck, bring weed with you, talk on the cell phone and SOMEHOW still crash?  That’s AMAZING!  So unbelievable that it must be someone else’s fault.  Nevermind that Hancock was drunk and high. 

Enter, Dean Hancock – finger pointer and frivilois lawsuit creator.


I truly feel bad Josh Hancock died.  No one is perfect, and we all have screwed up before.  Hopefully we’ve learned from our mistakes, and don’t do it anymore.  However, Josh Hancock wasn’t so lucky.  He’s gone forever, because of his screw up. 

Dean Hancock needs to realize it was his son’s fault, and no one else’s. 

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Steamboat Update 5/23

Well, about 3 1/2 weeks left before Steamoat!  I hope you guys have been training.  TO be honest, this Bearded Bear has been slacking off on his training.  I need to pick up the pace again.

 I did discover the paved trail out by Pioneer Parkway.  Its a paved trail that winds behind Mt. Hawley airport, past Pioneer Parkway, and out to the Rock Island trail by Dunlap.  From there, it goes forever.  I’ll be honest, I strugled badly this weekend when I ran the trail hard.  One other wierd thing, there is a 6 foot high metal tube that runs under Rt 6 / I-474.  This tube is a little weird to run through, but, kind of cool.  If we were still in High School, no doubt, we’d love that area – haha.  No one is going to go down there.

 There is a creek going through the other metal tube.

Anyway, hope everyone is training!

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Cubs Game 5/23

Just sitting here watching the Cubs game tonight.  Not loving the fact that Marshall just gave up the 2 run long-ball, but, that stuff happens.  Izzy had an error.  Cubs need to get their bats out now!

 I just hope the Cubs can pull it out!  Come on Cubbies!!

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Lindsay Lohan Hottest Girl in World?

So, you are a guy.  You get PAID to choose the number one – hottest girl in the world.  Apparently, the Maxim guy was hung-over,  and he chose….. Lindsay Lohan?  Hmmm…..   She’s not that hot.  Maybe TOP 1000, but not 100.


 I still can’t believe it!  I waited a week to post, just because I thought there would be a world-wide outcry to remove Linsay ‘Eat Something’Lohan from the top spot for ’07.  Alas, it did not happen.  I’m not even as upset that this bone-head guy picked some Internet cartoon for the list – #95, The ‘Avatar’ of Second Life.  Why pick a cartoon?


1. Lindsay Lohan – HA! Nada.

2. Jessica Alba – Sure

3. Scarlett Johansson – OK

4. Christina Aguilera – Um, ok

5. Jessica Biel – Yes!

6. Ali Larter – Who?

7. Eva Mendez – Yes!

8. Rihanna – Yes!

9. Eva Longoria – Old, but sure!

10. Fergie – Too much working on her fitness.

Well, this bearded bear, has created my own list of the world’s hottest girls.  I’m only going to list 10:  (feel free to click on for bigger picture.  If you dare).


1)  Miss Cardinal 2007.  Our #1 this year is your typical Cardinal Fan Hottie!  This delicate flower hails from the Gateway city.  She enjoys putting ribbons in her hair and cheering for the Cardinal player she’s dating that week.  Cardinal players have good taste in women.


2) Employed Girl – The works hard for the money.  So hard for the money.   Strutting in high-heels is her thang!  Favorite movie is Pretty Woman.

betelgirl2.jpgNon taxable income – bonus!

3) Quiet Girl – The quietest girl alive!  This special lady is known for not wanting to know how your day was, wondering what time you’ll be home, and NEVER wonders when the bedroom will be painted.   Can you say low maintenance?

 21137_big.jpg I – NEVER – COMPLAIN!

4)  Gary’s 2008 New Years Dream Date!  We found #4 at 2 PM on a Tuesday afternoon at Buffalo Wild Wings in East Peoria.  Apparently everyday is her 21st birthday.  NOTE:  She met a similar minded fellow in East Peoria on  His hobbies included staying on bar toilets for extended periods of time.  Prediction? July wedding for these two love birds.


5)  Big Girls don’t Cry!   Ber-chicky-ber-ber!  This chick is not only tall, but, useful for many household chores.  Including painting ceilings without a ladder.  Downside – Don’t piss her off!  YES MA’AM!


6)  Miss Syria.  The Burka says ‘all business’, but get a few Miller’s in Ayishah  and it’s PARTY like it’s 1450 BC!  She hails from Afganistan, but, enjoys US luxuries such as Soap, Electricity and Water.  Plus side, she’ll think a washing machine for her birthday is peachy keen.

  150pxmuslim_woman_in_yemen.jpgWink Wink big shooter.

7)  Queen Latifah.  This one is for nick.  Watch your wallet – hommie.  After watching Taxi on TNT the other day, I had a new respect for this former rap star.  Her performance with Jimmy Fallon brought a tear to this Bearded Bear’s eye.  Go get ’em momma!

queen.jpgHuffing gold paint makes me dance better

8.)  Boy George.  Comma Comma Comma Comma Chameleon.  Patty – look out.  Heard he’s playing ICC this week!  He slipped onto the list becuase he’s kind of a chick.  Look for a silver Toyota Solara purusing the streets of East Peoria.  Then stick your head inside the car to hear Boy Georges greatest hits!


9)  Miss Colts Fan.  Do you wax, or just like, shave that?  Go Colts!  She also enjoys the Brickyard 500, the Indy 500, and any other motorsports popular in the ‘Circle City’.  Find her at any Dollar Store in the Beach Grove area.

moustache_fat_troll_woman.jpgWho needs beer on Sunday?

10) The Gieco Caveman.  RAAAAAAAR!

Well – he’s not my style, but, I know Brabson likes him.  Not much else to say.  He’s got one helluva beard, so, I guess that counts for something!

caveman_1.jpgUltimate Bearded Bear


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Super shuffle? McNabb, Briggs swap makes sense,33381 

Was the recent drafting of quarterback Kevin Kolb a sign that the Philadelphia Eagles might trade Donovan McNabb before the 2007 season?

That’s one theory, anyway. As for a possible destination, the Chicago Bears are ready to win the Super Bowl. They might have won it last year except for a glaring weakness at quarterback.

The key to this scenario is Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, who has said publicly that he will never play for Chicago again and who refused to report to minicamp on Friday.

Briggs is, arguably, the best weakside linebacker in the game and is only 26. He could help Philly rebuild its defense while Kolb gets ready to take control of the offense.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer


Post your thoughts Bear Nation…….




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