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 Do I sense a new BEARD by three of the bearded bears?!?!


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CUBS CRUSH CARDINALS 12-3, Lilly gets 15th win

cubs.jpgBREAKING NEWS – Cubs crush Cardinals 12-3.

GO CUBS GO!  Talk about a good old fashioned ass whooping! 

Cubs Pitching.  Ted Lily notched 7 strike-outs and only allowed 3 runs in 7 innings of work.  Wuertz and Bobby Howry each pitched a scoreless inning to finish up the Cubs victory!

 Cubs Hitting.  Lee (18) and Ramirez (22) each homered and Jones went 3-4 with 2 RBI’s.  Craig Monroe added 2 runs in his pitch hit appearance.  Great hitting today, and frankly, it’s about time the Cubbies got there bats into the game!

Bearded Bears in Attendance.  A few of the Bearded Bears were in attendance today and enjoyed the Cubs crushing the Cardinals.  In particular, I’d like to see how Brad Patterson is doing today with two losses today.  First, his beloved Cardinals were slaughtered by the Cubs, and then, the Cameltoes were SHOCKED by F*ck Keyshawn in a stunning upset! 

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Dodger Series HUGE for Cubbies this week


Get ready for a WILD ride this week Cubs fans.  This Dodger’s series is HUGE for the Cubs.  The Cubs salvaged the final two games of the Astro’s series after dumping the first 6-1 to Houston.  The Cubs are now 5 games over .500, but Milwaukee and the Cardinals have both improved to above .500 records now as well. NOTE:  I can’t believe I wrote that division contenders are BARELY above .500 in September!  The central is awesome.

ZAMBRANO due for good startZ needs a good start, period.  He’s fallen to 14-11 with a 4.06 ERA.  These numbers are reflective of a fairly crappy August performance for Z who failed to win in the entire month. 

The Dodgers are starting Esteban Loaiza after claiming him off waivers in a deal with Oakland.   This will be Loaiza’s third start of the season, and his first with the Dodgers.

The Dodgers are in contention for their division, and they’ll make every attempt to win these four games against the Cubs.  However, the Cubs need to win this series in order to stay ahead of the surging Cardinals and resurgent Brewers.

Put on your seat-belts Cubs fans!!!!


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Rich Aurilia – CUBS MVP in 10th!

What’s it feel like to be an ‘honarary Bearded Bear’?  Ask Rich Aurilia of the San Fransisco Giants, becuase he’s been bestowed this elite award.  Why would a Giants player win an award from a website that celebrates athletic excellance with the Cubs and Bears?  Becuase Rich made a key error in the 10th inning, attempting to field a routine grounder.

images.jpgimages.jpgimages.jpgEh, this beards for you Rich!

Other good news includes that the Cubs were able to extend their first place lead in the NL Central to a full game!

Well, we’ll look forward to Z taking the mound tomorrow!


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Cub’s Bullpen continues to ROCK!

Happy Late Memorial Day!!  Hope everyone’s was good.  The weekend would have been a little better if the Cubs were better than the Bad News Bears.

This weekend has brought up one irrefutable fact for the ’07 Cubs – YOU WILL NOT WIN WITH A PIECE OF CRAP BULLPEN.  Why does the Cubs management never seem to get this little gap corrected? 

Let’s see, the last time the Cubs had a solid bullpen was…. oh yeah….2003….when they were one out from the World Series.  Might I add, that our closer from that season, Joe Borowski is second in the majors in saves in 2007. 

In order to not give myself a coronary, I’m only going to focus on one game, Tuesday May 29, 2007. 

In a quick recap, the Cub’s managed to rally on Theriot’s (PH Homer) 2 run HR in the bottom of the seventh.  However, a DETERMINED Cubs bullpen made sure the Cub’s rally would be short lived.  Tonight’s helper was Wuertz.  To be fair to Wuertz, he’s been the best Cub’s reliever so far this year.  Tonight, he allowed 4 runs on 3 hits, and walked 2.   He was credited with one whole inning worked.  Slap Hands!  His ERA shot up to 3.13.

Here’s an awesome Cubs Bullpen stat, W-L Record: 4-14!  Maybe Wade Miller can chime in with his 10.54 ERA?

 I can’t type anymore about this bullpen.  This team is scoring runs, but ALLOWING too many.

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Cubs Puke and Rally, then Puke again….

Welcome to the scariest ride in Baseball – the Chicago Cubs Coaster!   Weee…..  Up, then down, now all around….

 Wow.  If you stayed up for last night late game, it was exactly like a roller coaster.  First, the Cubbies were down 5-0 to the Dodgers after 5.  The Cubs then picked up 1 in the 6th, and likely a season high 7 in the 7th.  AWESOME INNING!

However, as I’ve posted here previously, our worst bullpen in baseball was able to snag defeat from the clutches of victory.  The Cubs won’t be a playoff contender until the take care of the bullpen, which is a disaster this season.  Note: Wade Miller has REDUCED his ERA to an svelte 10.54.  Way to go Wade!

If this doesn’t tell a sad tale – nothing does.  Bob Howry started things off in his normal fashion by allowing 3 runs and getting no one out.  Bad Bob.  The Will ‘Always a Thrill’ Ohman and Guzman combined for a one-two punch.  It was a mess, but, in the end, Ohman was charged for a LOSS, and Guzman was charged for a BLOWN SAVE.

Well, the GOOD news is that the Cubs offense was able to rally to take the lead, just too bad the bullpen couldn’t hold them.



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Cubs Game 5/23

Just sitting here watching the Cubs game tonight.  Not loving the fact that Marshall just gave up the 2 run long-ball, but, that stuff happens.  Izzy had an error.  Cubs need to get their bats out now!

 I just hope the Cubs can pull it out!  Come on Cubbies!!

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